Flu outbreak looming as officials advice people to get vaccinated.


There is growing unrest among residents as the time when flu spreads is looming.

According to the health officials, the outbreak of flu has as certain levels of unpredictability and they think that it is imperative that people are prudent and make forecasts for the disease and how it is going to affect them based on evidences from the world and observations from previous cases.

The Center for Disease Control has warned that the year could be among the worst recorded seasons of flu. The outbreak which is expected to start soon is expected to affect a lot of people who are being advised to take precautions against the disease.

This has prompted the local groups such as Kern Public health to urge everyone who is six months of age or older and their parents to get them a flu shot. The flu shot still remains the best available defense against the flu virus.

The health officials have dismissed fears that surround the vaccine saying that there is no scientific evidence behind the flu vaccine being harmful in any way.

The officials have said that it is important to remember that they are trying to upgrade continuously the flu shot which means that the vaccine which people receive is going to be different from the ones they have received in the past.

The officials have said that there is constant refinement going on in the vaccine on the basis of the strains and trends which they can see worldwide which means that evolution is happening every year.

This has encouraged everyone to be on their toes and not wait until it is too late. They have warned that the flu can be extremely serious and deadly.

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