Google’s Action Blocks Assists Users With Disabilities Communicate


This week, Google declared Action Blocks, a new feature for users with cognitive disabilities. The feature lets consumers and their caregivers to include Assistant instructions to the Android tablets and phones’ home screen. Each instruction is shown by a custom picture and it can be managed with only one click. For example, when a consumer clicks on an Action Block logo of a cab, the system may book a rideshare. The aim is to assist some of the 630 Million users with some kind of cognitive diseases live more by themselves.

In some methods, Action Blocks is same as that to the PECS (Picture Exchange Communication Systems) that let users with disabilities to interact with the help of images. But with Action Blocks, not only are people capable of communicating, they are capable of controlling Assistant features. With one click, they may share their location, call a loved one, control the lights in their house, or watch a favorite show.

The feature is still in the testing stage, but if you are a family member or caregiver of somebody who may benefit, the firm invites you to join its trusted tester initiative.

On a related note, after all the innumerable leaks about Pixel 4, you might have tuned out currently, but for those that are still concerned about it, media has revealed what claims to be official marketing clips of Google that will be launched to market the handset. The two sets of clips display the Soli-based “Motion Sense” gestures of Pixel 4 in action, along with the faster, new Assistant the handset will have before any other Android hardware. In the videos, you can see how the touchless gestures of Pixel 4 will work. To mute alarms and calls, you just wave your hand sideways above the handset.

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