Google Smart Fabric Now Available On More Levi’s Jackets


Project Jacquard, one of Google’s most advanced technologies developed by its ATAP group, is all set to expand a bit after launching itself two years ago by partnering with Levi’s. After initially releasing a denim jacket with sleeves made of Project Jacquard fibers, Google has teamed up with Levi’s yet again to come up with two more wearable options. The two new options are also denim based jackets, but cost a little less and look a little more like the regular Levi’s jackets out there in the market.

Project Jacquard is a touch-sensitive fabric, considered to be one of Google’s finest advancements till date. Google leaked the first view for Project Jacquard at its 2015 I/O alongside another popular advancement, the Project Soli radar system, which too is set to debut with the Pixel 4 soon.  The first Levi’s denim jacket with the Project Jacquard fibers, the Commuter Trucker Jacket, costs around USD 350. However, the upcoming Classic Trucker and Sherpa Trucker jackets will cost just below USD 200 mark. All of the jackets have touch sensitive Project Jacquard fivers woven into the left sleeve and are capable of controlling music playback, calls, launch apps, and a lot more. User first has to install the Jacquard app and then configure which part of the sleeve will perform which action. Google has affirmed that the jackets are more durable and contain a Jacquard Bluetooth tag that can be used to charge it. The two new Project Jacquard equipped jackets look a lot like their regular versions.

Talking of Google’s new launches, the company is all set to launch the much-awaited incognito mode in Google Maps. After announcing the feature at I/O 2019, a few leaks suggest that Google is at work to develop it for Google Maps users across the globe.

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