UK All Set To Promote e-Cigarettes While US Comes Down Heavily On Vaping

UK All Set To Promote e-Cigarettes While US Comes Down Heavily On Vaping

As the United States has hurriedly come hard on vaping, slapping a ban against it, Britain has gone the other way. It is actually taking to vaping. Indeed e-cigarettes are getting more and more popular in Britain as an effective tool that helps smokers to quit the habit.

Doctors all over Britain have been directed by the Royal College of Physicians to promote the popularity and usefulness of e-cigarettes as much as possible, to those who are trying to give up smoking.

On the other side of the Atlantic, public health officials in the US have been rather slow in regulating e-cigarettes and this wariness backfired, when the issue of teen vaping exploded and backfired. This prompted the federal government as well as some states to clamp down on vaping. They banned e-juices with minty and fruit flavors that enticed the younger generation into vaping.

At present, hundreds of vapers with serious lung ailments are pouring in the US clinics, prompting the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to urge people not to use e-cigarettes and refrain from using e-liquids rich in THC, which gives the pot, the customary high.

Speaking on the stand taken by the US authorities, Director of UK Center for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies in the University of Nottingham, Dr. John Britton stated that it is madness, as this will again lure these vapers to take to smoking.

Regulation regarding vaping, however, differs from one country to another. Over 30 countries worldwide have put outright ban use and sale of e-cigarettes. India has put a ban this month itself and a number of countries in Europe like Belgium, Italy, Austria, and Germany categorize e-cigarettes as tobacco products, and putting their sale and use under stringent restriction. In France and Britain, however, they are considered as consumer products and are sold with rules that are more lenient.

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