Musk Has Ambitious Plans To Reach Orbit In 6 Months, Fly People By 2020


On Saturday, the CEO and founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk came up with an update regarding the next-gen rocket from the company, which has been built with the intent of carrying people far into space. He chalked out an extremely rapid schedule to which the development of the program is expected to adhere.

Musk talked about a sum-up of the history of SpaceX thus far as he stood before the initial assembled Starship rocket version. He also went on to elaborate on what the company has built and what it plans to do next, while acknowledging that this marked the most awe-inspiring thing he’s ever taken part in. Towards the event’s end, Musk hinted at the possibility of SpaceX letting humans travel on the Starship. He gave a rough timeline of next year for humans flying aboard the Starship if they can get to the orbit within the next six months.

This huge rocket stands for the ambition of the company to construct a vehicle which can launch as well as land a multiple number of times, while carrying nearly 100 people and travelling to Mars and the moon. Recently, a Starship prototype called Starhopper, embarked on a flight that was for a short time span and at a low altitude. On Friday, SpaceX finished the assembly of Starship’s first iteration. Prior to this, they had been carrying out tests on the rocket’s early prototype at the company’s facility in Texas.

Next on the itinerary, the first model of Starship will be flying to an altitude of 65,000 feet. Musk has said the event can be expected to take place with the next couple of months. A second version of the Starship is already being constructed at Florida. Following its completion, SpaceX will start to assemble another one of the same build in Texas. So, according to Musk, the test space flight for SpaceX may be on the cards soon.

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