Uber Sues New York City To Overturn Limits On Drivers Cruising Without Passengers


Second time this year Uber drivers filed a lawsuit against New York City this Friday. Their main concern is to limit the amount of time ride-hail, at least in their busy parts of daily duty.

Just a month ago the city’s taxi and limousine commission approved an extension on its cap on the number of Uber and Lyft vehicles permitted to operate in the city. And now the new vehicle licenses now postponed until August 2020.

According to Commission Uber and Lyft drivers now have to reduce the time they spend without passengers in the care and also they have to limit the time they can cruise without passengers in Manhattan below 96 street.

On the other hand, the commission’s rules are against the legal rules. The above-mentioned regulation is in the ‘minimum wage rule’ which was already enacted in February.

This was voted by TLC. According to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, the app companies are making their streets congested by taking advantage of each hardworking drivers. He is totally against the apps because the other driving workers are now at the edge of poverty.

By strongly supporting the city rules, a spokesperson for the mayor, he just repeated the words of the mayor. He believes that the city rules keep us, our street safe but these Uber and Lyft vehicles are only making them congested.

Uber drivers had to give a response through their dislike in this matter. They accused the city as the harmful city for driver’s earnings. According to them the city slashed the service of low-income community. They are not being rude, the drivers have reason. The Uber company reduced and limited their access in the app and now the drivers have to stay in the low demand areas locked out during certain times of the day, as a response to the regulations.

According to a spokesperson for Uber, Mayor already reduced the flexibility of drivers and now the cruising cap will help him to make it worse.

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