Europe’s Euclid Telescope That Studies ‘Dark Matters’ Reaches Key Milestone


The latest space mission led by Europe for uncovering the dark Universe secrets has now reached a major milestone. The Euclid telescope’s test model has emerged successfully out of a chamber. In this chamber, the model has experienced space-like conditions that it would have seen while in orbit.

The engineers were especially elated as this successful trial signifies that the design of the observatory was correctly done.

Euclid, which is scheduled to be launched by 2022, is headed to map the entire cosmos to find clues regarding dark energy and dark matter and its nature.

Although these phenomena are responsible for controlling the expansion and shape of the entire Universe, almost nothing is properly known about these phenomena.

This venture, costing €800M, is led by the ESA and is among the few experiments that will be coming online during the upcoming years.

Scientists hope that these next-gen tech advancements will provide them with details and insights, which have escaped them so far.

The STM of the Euclid mission happens to be an almost identical clone of a flight model or FM.

It is hard to differentiate between the two of them unless one is a brilliant scientist. However, telescope mirrors placed inside the STM happen to be unpolished spares. The device’s scientific instruments do not contain all electronics and components usually seen in such tech.

However, an STM comes pretty close to the actual thing.

The STM’s function is to be used before the FM during the mission’s assembly process, in order to find & fix issues, which may arise due to the usage of certain materials & integration of certain equipment modules.

Giuseppe Racca, project manager of Euclid at ESA stated that he had seen many thermal and structural models in his career. He identified this one to be among the most marvelous ones that he had ever seen as it was completely made out of flight hardware components.

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