Tech Giants Exhibit Their New Found Devotion In Sustainability


Students, as well as people of every age, took to the streets all over the world on Friday to take part in rallies and events related to Global Climate Strike. The tech companies did not hesitate to get into this bandwagon and played their parts in the event. They made promises to show devotion towards sustainability, and blacked out the parts of their websites, to show their solidarity with the “green out” digital agitation, as it is called.

The massive strike was organized in the wake of millions of animals getting instinct, another million species getting endangered and melting glaciers, burning forests in the Amazon and Arctic region.  The organizers of the strikes argued that the situation that prevails all over the world is no less than an emergency, but still, the world leaders are turning a blind eye to it, not treating the issue like it should be.

The brain behind the strike is Greta Thunberg, 16, a Swedish student, who turned out to be the very face of the movement that saw a massive involvement of young people taking part in the rallies in protest against the inaction of the powers on global climate change.

Some of the leaders of the tech industry drew and enjoyed the attention as they took a renewed oath for sustainability. For instance, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon promised that his global e-commerce company would, by the year 2040 completely refrain from activities that encourage carbon dioxide emission – a state of affairs that is technically known as being carbon neutral.

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, on the other hand, joined voices when he announced that his company has already made biggest corporate procurement of renewable energy in the history of mankind, when the company entered 18 energy-related deals across the United States, Europe and Chile. The facts, he said will collectively give a shot in the arm in the megawatts in Google’s solar and wind portfolio worldwide by over 40%.

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