Girl Came In Contact With Brain-Eating Amoeba While Swimming; Fighting For Life


Girl comes in contact with an amoeba while swimming and is now fighting for her life due to the brain eating amoeba that kills 97% people it comes in contact with.

While swimming on a weekend, a young girl contracted an amoeba that is brain eating and has 97% fatality rate and is now fighting for his life.

The girl who was 10 years of age was swimming in the Lake Whitney and Brazos River in the Bosque County over labor-day weekend.

On 8th September then this girl started having headache soon followed by fever. The family of the girl thought it was a mere viral infection in the beginning until they visited their family doctor as the girl started facing troubles in sleep which made the family thought something was going wrong.

On the Facebook Page that was made in her support it was said that she was unresponsive and incoherent and was then quickly taken to ER.

The girl was then flown to the health care system for Children in Fort Worth where it was found through a spinal tap that the girl had contracted Naeglerifowleri.

The aunt of the girl had said that this was the worst nightmare for parents. She said that it was unfortunate that such a thing happened to her when there were many others in the same pool.

The Disease Control and Prevention Centre said that a single-celled organism called amoeba was found usually in lakes and rivers that have warm freshwater. The amoeba enters into the body through nose, and consequently travels to the human brain destroying the tissues of the brain.

In between the year 2009 and 2018 as per the government data there were just 34 cases of the infection which were reported in the United States and only four of the 145 known cases have seen people survive.

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