Spire Launches Product To Serve Maritime Clients With Atmospheric Details


Spire Global launched a product to serve the maritime industry with detailed information on atmospheric conditions. The software which was launched on September 11 is called Spire Forecast. It will report ocean currents, wave heights, the global surface temperature of the sea, and air temperature. Spire Weather business unit has launched Spire Forecast as its first product.

John Lusk, GM for Spire’s commercial business said that Spire Weather was created with the intention of augmenting the predictive weather information supplied by the private sector and government organizations. The seven-year-old company already has more than 70 CubeSats in low Earth Orbit. Spire collects weather data, and also uses its array of CubeSats to track ships and aircraft.

Since Spire’s inception in 2012, it has focused on measuring atmospheric temperature, atmospheric pressure, radio occultation, water vapor. They do this by observing the impact of these conditions on radio waves. On September 9, Spire announced that its constellation of satellites collects 5000 radio occultation daily.

Spire’s weather director Alexander McDonald said that this is a joint effort to illuminate the Earth and the company was working hard to create new tools to help in this cause. McDonald was previously the director of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Earth System Research Laboratory.

The company is concentrating on developing products that cater to different industries and different market segments. In February, Spire announced that it had created the Spire Maritime business unit. In August, Spire announced an agreement with Concirrus to share data and develop products. Concirrus is a London based company into the Insurance analytics domain.

Providing detailed daily forecasts on oceanic conditions like water temperature, waves, and their height can help ships navigate the oceans safely. Spire’s software and offerings will directly impact ports, the shipping business, and transportation companies among many others. Having an accurate forecast can help ships reach their destinations faster, or change course in case of extreme events.

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