Lawmakers Call FDA To Probe Misleading Medical Claims Made By Juul


The FDA has been asked by Shairman of House Oversight Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy to take immediate enforcement action against e-cigarette maker Juul for making false medical claims. Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi from Illinois stated that it is the agency’s responsibility to protect nation’s public from fraudulent claims made by Juul. The letter was made out after subcommittee two day hearing during July in which members concluded that the firm was making unverified claims that its products could help users to reduce their regular tobacco smoking habit and was thus safer than traditional cigarettes.

During the hearing several witnesses confirmed that Juul was marketing its products to high school children, groups advocating smoking cessation and also the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. Mr. Krishnamoorthi highlighted the claim of Juul CEO in his letter that says – Juul can do which no one has been able to do before which is assisting adults to give up their habit of smoking regular cigarettes on a regular basis. FDA promised to follow up on his letter and affirmed that investigation is going on about the questions raised by him. FDA spokesperson Stephanie Caccomo said that pubic regard the term “smoking cessation” as replacing regular cigarettes with non-combustible tobacco products.

But she insisted that till date no e-cigarette brand has been approved by the agency as an aid to stop smoking under its standard of regulated medical products. The agency continues to keep strict vigil over false and misleading claims to ensure that public is not misled. Juul still claims that its products help to convert adult smokers from harmful tobacco to less-harmful alternative products. It however does not claim that its products are in line with safety regulations of FDA. During November last year FDA revealed that vaping habit has increased by 80 percent among teenagers in high school and nearly 50 percent among children in middle school since the year before.

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