T-Mobile Will Allow You Test Drive Its Network For A Month


T-Mobile is expecting to entice new users by providing a free test drive plan of its network. The procedure is comparatively easy. Sign up online and in your mail you will get a free Coolpad Surf Device hotspot. Link to the hotspot using Wifi and try it for a month or 30 GB, whichever arrives first. Once you are done, give it away at any T-Mobile store.

While using a wife hotspot is a roundabout method of testing a new cellular network, it is less goofy-looking and more suitable instead of carrying around two handsets. The hotspot lets prospective users to A/B test among their current supplier and T-Mobile without exchanging out their SIMs. Consumers can check out the coverage they relieve at home, then throw the device in their bag and try their reception on the road and at work.

T-Mobile is using its 600 MHz LTE exclusive band as a differentiator, which it states works 4 times better within buildings and can surpass twice as far from the cell tower. Lower frequency signals are certainly more competent at penetrating walls and traveling long distances, but at the price of offering less data.

On a related note, previous month witnessed the launch of 5G network by Verizon that is now live both at Chicago and Minneapolis. The inaugural 5G handset was the Moto Z3 fitted with 5G MotoMod by Motorola. But, 5G coverage was exceptionally hard to find. Speeds were obviously quicker as compared to LTE, but not so wickedly.

But the launch of $1,400 Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will momentarily be a Verizon elite before shifting to other suppliers. And now that there is a proper, real 5G handset on its network, Verizon has increased the heat up. Coverage stays extremely restricted: it differs block by block and widely.

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