T-Mobile eSIMs Are Available Finally For Normal Phone Plans

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Users have to no longer settle for prepaid service if you are using T-Mobile and expecting to use eSIM. The company has extended its eSIM support to let use with postpaid offers. You now do not have to be quite so selective when you are freeing up your physical SIM slot or setting up a second line for international cards.

The expanded support is accessible from this week, even though some current limitations still apply. It only officially shows support the iPhone XR and iPhone XS (and, we would assume, upcoming iPhones) currently. That is not shocking considering the scarcity of Android handsets with eSIMs, but it is worth noting.

You still have to go to a shop to use an eSIM. And like usual, you will need to think cautiously about which firm receives the eSIM location when only a few carriers have accepted the idea so far. It is an essential measure, though, and brings the country nearer to a day when you may never require opening your handset just to use the service.

On a related note, T-Mobile has not been swift to accomplish its commitment of rolling of TV platform, but it lastly has something to show after all the premature hype. It earlier claimed that it is rolling out TVision Home, a retuned and rebranded edition of broadband-supported Layer3’s IPTV service.

It is not the completely independent streaming platform you may have expected (that is launching later this year). On the other hand, the telecom is expected to bring a piece of its simple “Uncarrier” plan to the TV realm—provided you are ready to pay.

To begin with, T-Mobile is offering its no-shock billing to this segment. You will pay $100 monthly ($90 if you are also a phone user) for 150+ channels and $10 for every linked TV, but there are no hidden costs used to increase the actual fee.

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