Data Shows, Opioid Deaths On Staten Island Sustained To Increase In 2018


Recently, rendering to new data released by the Health Department, opioid overdoes on Staten Island sustained to upsurge in the year 2018 as overdoes citywide somewhat dipped. In the year 2018, over the city, there were thirty-eight overdoses as compared to the past year, but a 13 percent jump in overdoes has been experienced by Staten Island in the year 2018, from ninety deaths in the year 2017 to nearly one-hundred deaths in the year 2018.

As per the sources, heroin was amongst the 2nd foremost reason of fatal overdose in the year 2018, with a 16 percent upsurge in the figure of deaths, from 55 death related to heroin in the year 2017 to 64 deaths related to heroin in the year 2018. Between 2015 and 2018, overall, overdoses of fatal heroin increased by 64 percent. Previous year, the uppermost rate of overdoses in the region was seen by Tottenville, and was among the top 5 neighborhoods over the city where deaths related to opioid overdose surpassed the city average. More as compared to the average charges of overdose deaths has seen by other 2 islands namely Stapleton, followed by St. George.

Dr. Oxiris Barbot, who is a Health Commissioner said that, the reduction in demises related to drug overdose is hopeful, but far numerous people of NY are still failing. The tendencies of the widespread are closely supervised by them as they progress and answering to upticks in emergency department visits and deaths with targeted plans and community meeting. He added, we continue firmly dedicated to growing life-saving facilities and caring for people of NY who consume drugs. Previous year, a total of 286 people were saved using naloxone, which is an opioid reversal medicine, said Michael McMahon, the officer of District Attorney. Among Jan. to Mar., 34 fatal overdoses were seen by the Island this year.

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