Electromagnetic Energy Can Help Prevent Spread Of Breast Cancer Cells


The prime reason why cancer often becomes fatal is that it has high potential of spreading fast throughout the body. Now scientists seem to have come up with a plan of slowing down the spread of cancer cells; they might even stop the movement of breast cancer cells to other parts of the body.

Cancer cells either move from one body part to the other or these metastasize far from the section of the body where it is actually developed. On this process of moving from one place to the other, some cancerous cells die while others create new tumors. Most of the current treatments fail to kill the cancer cells. So, the best option is slowing down their progress.

Electromagnetic forces have always been thought of as a solution to prevent cancer spread. Recently scientists have started disclosing the way in which it can be applied on human body.

Recently a research paper has been published in journal Communications Biology. It states that electromagnetic rays can be successful in stopping some of the cancerous cells in the breast from spreading to other body parts. There is no standard mutation time for the cancer cells. How soon the cells will spread from one place to another is different in every patient.

A group of researchers from the Ohio University have come up with a tool which can track the migration process of the cancer cells which develop in the breast. The tool has been named as Helmholtz coil. Scientists used the coil to generate electromagnetic energy and target a specific group of cells in the breast. They have also come up with a device which can determine the path in which the cancer cells will be moving in different body parts. This can be seen through a microscope. All these experiments have been carried out in a laboratory and are yet to be studied on human beings.

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