DOJ Collaborating With States On Antitrust Probes Of Tech Firms


The antitrust leader of Justice Department does not see big tech as essentially bad, but he is still happy to probe possible wrongdoing. Makan Delrahim (division chief) at a Colorado tech policy conference claimed to the guests that the DOJ was collaborating with state AG on probes of the tech companies’ market influence. He claimed that he did not think the rule had to alter “currently” to pursue any potential cases, disputing that present laws were “quite supple” and permitted “aggressive and timely enforcement.”

The statement followed weeks after the DOJ rolled out a sweeping evaluation of rivalry in tech, and just hours after media sources stated that a group of states were planning for a joint antitrust probe of their own. It is not sure if these specific campaigns will be connected, but it would not be shocking if there was collaboration.

The DOJ’s tactic is quite clear, at least. Delrahim claimed that his team was probing not just impacts on pricing, but also quality and innovation. Executives will need to see if behemoths such as Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook are making it pointlessly difficult for bolder players to get off the race.

On a related note, Amazon will supposedly fall below the jurisdiction of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) after a deal between the Department of Justice and the FTC. This was claimed in the media reports earlier. The decision can bring elevated probe for the retail behemoth, just after the DOJ is supposedly getting ready its own case in opposition to Google.

The media claims that it is not clear what the FTC has planned for Amazon, but claims that this “type of deal brokered between the FTC and the Justice Department characteristically presages more grave antitrust probe.” The media did not get comments from the DOJ, Amazon, or FTC related to the news.

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