Google Go Search App Now Available All Over The World


Google Go is an optimized edition of search for up-and-coming regions with some exclusive functionality, such as the capability of reading web pages out loud, which is helpful not only for hearing articles on the go but is also very useful for individuals that are visually handicapped. Initially it was only accessible in specific markets, but now it is obtainable all over the world.

The app is developed to take up negligible space on your handset, needing just more than 7 MB. It also employs minimal bandwidth so it is helpful if you are on a restricted data plan or you are in a region with blotchy Internet connection. If your handset goes offline, it can save your search queries and will obtain your results once you are online.

Go is fraction of Google’s effort to make its goods accessible to more individuals who have restricted access to the Internet, launching out lightweight editions of its apps such as YouTube and Photos. This is specifically essential for emerging markets such as Indonesia or India. Go is now accessible for all Android devices in the Play Store operating on Lollipop and above.

On a related note, after months of beta testing, Sonos claimed that it is almost prepared to launch out Google Assistant to its Sonos Beam and Sonos One smart devices. In its shareholders’ quarterly earnings letter, Patrick Spence (Sonos CEO) verified that the firm is aiming to roll out Assistant. The feature rolled out in the US “with more area to come over soon,” claimed Spence.

“This function will truly increase the user experience and marks the first time that users will be capable of buying a sole smart device and get to select which voice assistant they wish to employ. We think offering users the option is always the correct decision, and we expect this philosophy will be accepted in the industry eventually,” he claimed.

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