A Canon DSLR Hacked By Researchers With Bitcoin-Demanding Ransomware


The DSLR cameras that are linked to a Wi-Fi network are susceptible to ransomware attacks, as per the latest findings by the security researchers. The team, from the Check Point Software (a security firm), found that connected-cameras can be comprised if an attacker is closer to the Wi-Fi of the camera. The researchers, present their findings at the DefCon 2019 hacking symposium, mentioned that the digital photos can be encrypted by the hackers once the device is compromised by them. The researchers recognized and utilized the faults in a Canon EOS for their presentation.

Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) is used by the digital cameras to transmit digital files that can be misused by malicious attackers to taint the camera with ransomware, as per the researchers. The team demonstrated how an attacker can introduce the malware as well as encrypt images utilizing the cryptographic process in the camera’s memory. Check Point mentioned that these problems were reported in March 2019 to Canon. Nevertheless, Canon asked its consumers to shun insecure Wi-Fi networks and update the device so as to fix the bugs.

Likewise, recently, Steve Schwabauer, the City Manager, Lodi City, CA, stated that earlier this year, the city was struck by a ransomware attack. Those responsible for it commanded a Bitcoin payment of 75 BTC to bring back the computer systems to normal. The city manager substantiated that an email was received by the city staff appearing to be an invoice with files required to encrypt the computer systems associated with several city services.

Schwabauer stated that the problem that weighed down the computer systems of the city in this year’s May and April were attributable to a Bitcoin ransomware attack. As per a report in Government Technology, a cybersecurity publication, the city’s financial data and phone line systems were aimed.

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