Price Guarantee And Other New Features Comes To Google Flights


New features have come to Google Flights meant at assuring customers to obtain the best charges on flight tickets along with enhancing travel planning. Earlier this week, the Google Trips app being was pulled out and the step to bring in new facilities to Flights does appear like fallout from the call. Google, for flight tickets, is seeking to give one an idea about when flight tickets are typical, low, or high for your precise schedule, and for some flights, offer an assurance for the lowest charge. Besides this, customers will also receive suggestions for the best restaurants, hotels, and other locations of interest at their destination.

As per the blog post of Google, while reserving a flight seat, the firm wishes to assist the customer to always receive the “right cost.” Furthermore, as a customer, one will get perceptions on how the cost has altered over the last few months, and one will be informed by Google when the estimated price might increase shortly or will not be getting any lower.

Further, for selected flights that will be booked between Aug 13 and Sept 2, the customers will receive a “price guarantee” that would assure the cost won’t fall any further than the forecasted cost by the search giant. And even if it does, the firm will be refunding that difference to the user. In addition, the company is going to keep an eye on the cost for you, and if the cost falls any time prior to takeoff, an email will be sent to you informing you that no work s left on your end once the flight departs.

Likewise, TripAdvisor is considering to roll out a loyalty initiative and is taking measures to boost engagement from its associates as an element of a plan to tackle the decreased free traffic the firm got in the second quarter from Google.

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