CBP Systems Restored Following Outages At International Airports


United States Customs and Border Protection mentioned on August 16, 2019 that systems throughout the nation are now being resettled. It has happened following a previous outage which stopped immigration officials of U.S from letting in several thousand entering passengers on a busy travel day of summer. Initially it was not quite clear as to what had caused the issue at U.S Customs and Border Protection. However, the agency mentioned that investigation is ongoing. CPB official said that in no way the system had been deliberately derailed.

It was also reported that travelers had to wait for extremely long time at airports while being patient for the processing because of the sudden outage. Pearson International Airport at Toronto is an example where passengers from U.S are cleared off their customs issues from much earlier had been warned of untimely delays to travelers. The airport also said that they had provided extra staff help to fasten the process. Passengers at several airports throughout United States such as Houston, Washington D.C etc. shared many photos of long queues at airports on their social media handles. Los Angeles International Airport commented that CBP systems had been experiencing a problem that has possibly caused delays in many airports throughout U.S. The airport constantly cautioned passengers to check the status of their flights.

A traveler made a tweet regarding passengers from London who had been on the same flight as hers were not permitted to get down even after arriving Boston due to this issue. Airports such as Los Angeles International or Seattle-Tacoma International Airport tweeted during the latter half of August 16th that systems had been restored and smooth operation was back in form. Passengers were once again been processed without any issue. Seattle airport later mentioned that the problem had emerged from the computer system at Federal Inspection.

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