Nintendo Seems To Be Preparing A SNES Switch Controller


Nintendo might be aiming to make SNES-akin wireless devices for the Switch, as per an FCC filing. There are not many details disclosed in the FCC filing, but it does display that the controller might have Bluetooth to link to the Switch wirelessly. From seeing at the picture, the device can be a Joy-Con docking rail or it might have ZR and ZL buttons on the top.

This would not be the first time Nintendo has launched a retro device for the Switch. Previous year, the firm declared it might create wireless NES devices for the console, but in our viewpoint they were too costly for what they provided. The firm also launched a series of classic NES games for the Switch such as Kirby’s Adventure and Super Mario Bros. 2.

As well as the possible SNES devices, Nintendo can port over some SNES titles to the device too, such as Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Super Mario Kart, and Super Metroid.

There is no word yet from the firm on if or when it aims to actually make the SNES device, but perhaps one day you will be capable of playing Mario Kart in its complete retro look on the Switch.

On a related note, the 3 primary video game console makers—Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo—have committed to needing all games publishers on their respective services to reveal the chances of getting kinds of in-game products in all future titles from loot boxes.

The Entertainment Software Association, the video game industry group, declared the new program last week at the Federal Trade Commission at a loot box workshop. Together with the leading console manufacturers, a number of publishers for video game already add drop rates, while others have decided to do so by the end of next year.

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