Nike’s App Powers New NYC Store For Foot Locker


Over the last few years, Nike has invested heavily in making its shops more tech-based. A huge part of that plan is adding its Nike app with the firm’s physical spaces and trialing to make it simple for users to do things such as scan products to check if they are in stock and instantly pay for goods.

You can do all of that in the app, at the Nike shop, without having to communicate much with associates in the store. Nike claims its clients love these kinds of features so much that it is now conveying them to Foot Locker, one of its largest retail associates. Situated in uptown New York City, the Foot Locker Washington Heights Community Power Store marks the first time shopping tech by Nike will power a shop that is not one of its own.

While Foot Locker is still trading sneakers and apparel from other sportswear brands at its new spot, comprising Puma and Adidas, the association with Nike does make gear from the firm stand apart. For example, all over the store, you will see signs next to Nike goods that tell you to install the NikePlus application to “scan and learn.”

That will allow you use the application to scan barcodes on goods and then view available colors and sizes at this Foot Locker shop. In addition to this, you can employ the Nike application to reserve goods squarely from the firm and pick them up later.

On a related note, Nike earlier designed a new shoe tech for both every-day and casual runners. The sportswear behemoth launched Joyride, a cushioning responsive system developed to provide high amounts of impact absorption and acclimatize to individual foot strikes as your feet contact whatever surface you are running on. The company claims the idea with Joyride is to “make running simple” and offer you more tailored comfort, which is made achievable by thousands of small, energy-filled beads that make the midsole of the shoe.

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