Guess What’s The New Music Platform For Today’s Youth? It’s TikTok!


TikTok has become the hottest craze among the music fanatic youth of today. It has opened up a vast range of music genres which they would never have thought of listening. Humming to favorite numbers and then tracing the original lyrics has become very easy with TikTok.

TikTok which came on the scene as an app to enable users lip sync to their favorite numbers has grown into a colossal machine that churns out new numbers and artists for the young music lovers. It’s all pervading presence on the music scene can be seen from its mention in messages on YouTube and its manifestation on Apple and Spotify Music.

The acquisition of the app by ByteDance, a Chinese tech firm changed the popularity graph of TikTok. Music remained at its core but the app went a little further by making popular tracks as a basis for users to find a common link via their posts. YouTube and streaming services are sought after today to hunt for playlists that are connected to TikTok in one way or the other.

TikTok offers a platform to use the medium of video for displaying your inclination to a particular sound and consequently promoting it. It is being seen as a great monetary opportunity by record labels to push their songs on it with the hope that they go viral though it is the users ultimately who decide which tracks reach heights of glory.

The middleman exists between the TikTok stars and the record labels and they too earn money big way with the success of every track. However, some record labels go direct on the app to promote their stars. Either ways, TikTok is here to stay in a big way as the numbers of the younger generation gravitating towards it keep on increasing!

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