Israeli AMOS 17 Satellite Launch Postponed By Space X


SpaceX, the privately-run spaceflight company has called off its proposed launch of a communication satellite of Israel over the weekend. The satellite named Amos 17 and owned by Spacecom Ltd., an Israeli company, which was supposed to be launched by the good old Falcon 9 launch vehicle, was postponed following the detection of a defective valve by the engineers.

The launch was scheduled to take from August 3 from the Space Launch Complex-40 (SLC-40) of Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Following the detection of the glitch, the engineers will fix it up and will look for other snags. Naturally, the launch will be delays and the new launch date will be announced soon.

When it comes to describing the launch of Falcon 9, a static ignition is always the safest and the most effective ways of prelaunch testing. In fact, it is the customary procedure to be carried out. This test tells the engineers and those working on the projects that the 1st stage booster is fit for the flight.

The first stage booster engine that was fitted in the Flacon this time flew twice and hence was time tested. Its maiden launch was on July 2018, when it delivered Telsar 19 Vantage satellite into the orbit. This was followed by another launch in the month of November 2018, wherein it carried Es’rail 2, a communications satellite from Qatar.

When the Amos 17 is launched with the help of the Falcon, it will make it the first launch of Spacecom with the help of Falcon 9. The previous attempt to launch a satellite on Sept 1, 2016, turned out to be futile, when the Amos 6 was lost. So far as Amos 17 was concerned, the second static fire test not performed on Falcon 9. This was revealed by Spaceflight Now, the company which is keeping an eye on the activities of the company at SLC40.

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