Leading Study Makes Use Of Personalized Trials To Treat High BP In Children


The rate of children having high blood pressure has been increasing rapidly. Due to lack of proper research, pediatricians could just make guesses as their best choice. This was the case until researchers from University of Texas Health Science Center located at Houston published results of a study that has achieved a great solution – series of personalized trials in order to find out the perfect therapy for kids which is the first step for handling the problem.

The study was authored by number of experts from the Department of Pediatrics in McGovern Medical School. About 4% or 1.2 million adolescent populations in U.S have hypertension and the figure has been increasing because of obesity epidemic. Samuel, the chief investigator of the study said that there are safe and beneficial medications for hypertension to be used in children. However, not every medicine would be suitable for all the children. Personal experience matters a lot in this regard because there is no prior information on which medicine would work best for a particular child. Many children are given a specific medicine for several years without being confirmed whether or not any other medicine would have been better.

Samuel along with her team therefore decided on a personalized trial known as n-of-1 trial method where each of the patients would be given different medicines with least side effects. This would give an insight on which one is better than the other. This method used 24 hours blood pressure monitor to track readings in intervals throughout the day. This kind of monitoring gave a better insight since patients were not nervous to see a doctor and hence no chance for sudden increase in blood pressure. 32 patients were kept under observation and it was then known that there was no single medicine for a certain majority of patients.

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