Rise In BMI Is Believed To Trigger Early Puberty In Boys

Rise In BMI Is Believed To Trigger Early Puberty In Boys

It is not just girls who are hitting puberty at an early, but the boys too have started entering puberty at a very early age. According to the study, the boys nowadays are showing an increase in the body mass index (BMI) and it is being predicted to have an important role in commencing puberty. The researchers have found the school children to show immense growth in weight and height irrespective of their age. The children hitting puberty sooner than expected is worrying the healthcare officials. As per the researchers, the boys are showing an increase in peak height velocity (PHV), which is used as a marker for puberty.

The PHV has been observed to increase in the younger boys as years pass by. The major difference in boys between middle school and high school is the commencement of puberty. According to Dr. Cora Breuner from Seattle Children’s Hospital, the onset of early puberty is found to have a connection with childhood BMI over time. The PHV levels have been found to be 1.2 months ahead in every child born later. The nutrition, socioeconomic environment, and exposure to chemicals affecting the hormones are the other factors that can possibly trigger pubertal timing.

The study conducted in Maria Bygdell, Dr. Claes Ohlsson and Dr. Jenny Kindblom from the University of Gothenburg showed the boys in the US to have secondary developments around 6 Months prior to the standard levels. Nowadays, age is not showing any connection with PHV and the comparison between studies has shown boys to have no such marker for puberty. The PHV is considered to be invalid when it comes to measuring the sexual maturity in the boys. However, the current research has shown boys to experience body changes in terms of sexual or mental health at a very young age and it is possibly being considered due to alcohol or drug use.

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