Apple Discussing To Purchase Intel’s 5G Modem Business For $1 Billion

Apple Discussing To Purchase Intel’s 5G Modem Business For $1 Billion

Apple might be closing in on an agreement to purchase Intel’s discarded handset modem business for $1 Billion. The media reported this week that an agreement can be declared by next week.

Intel back in April declared that it was making an exit from the 5G mobile modem business previously this year after Apple reached a shocking negotiation with Qualcomm that might see Apple once again get to employing modems made by Qualcomm in its handsets. Bob Swan (Intel CEO) went on to explain that Intel had deserted the modem business squarely due to the Apple settlement. Without Apple as a client, the firm claimed that it just did not see a direction forward.

As per a media report, Apple supposedly decided Intel could not offer a 5G modem the handset in a timeframe that operated with its pipelines to launch 5G-based handsets, obliging Apple to patch up with Qualcomm after years of controversial legal arguments. Now, an agreement for Apple to purchase that part of Intel’s business, covering staff and a series of patents capitalized at $1 Billion or more, can be reached in the weeks to come.

After the Qualcomm-Apple agreement, Intel supposedly began hunting for a purchaser for its modem business. And it turns out that Apple makes a lot of sense as a purchaser. Before Qualcomm and Apple settling, Intel turned out to be the only 3rd-party modem supplier for the 2018 iPhone models.

On a related note, even though the entire 5G handset thing did not go as per the plan, Intel is still brainstorming hard on its deep-learning Loihi “neuromorphic” processors. These chips are designed on the basis of the human brain. Now, it has announced a new system, named as Pohoiki Beach, made up of almost 8 Million supposed neurons and 64 Loihi processors.

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