Bosch and Daimler Receive Approval For Including Autonomous Parking Feature

Bosch and Daimler Receive Approval For Including Autonomous Parking Feature

German regulators have given approval to the two global leading German automakers, Bosch and Daimler, for running their automated car parking function without the human control. The feature has become the globally first approved operation with SAE level 4 driverless parking. SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) is a US-based standard developing organization and active professional association. The output has come after four years of mutual efforts of the companies to develop the technology.

SAE Level 4 specifies that the vehicle can manage the vehicle in all kinds of driving conditions without human intrusion. However, for other operations in self-driving, except parking, a backup in the form of a human controlling system is outfitted in Level 4 trials.

Daimler and Bosch started building self-directing driverless parking technology in 2015. That initial collaboration included car2go, Daimler’s car-sharing unit. The automakers unveiled the automated parking function at the Mercedes-Benz Museum’s parking garage in 2017. Next year, intensive testing of the parking feature was conducted, but the service was launched with a caution that the service should be used in the presence of a human safety driver behind the controlling wheel.

On a similar note, Brilliance—BMW’s Chinese subsidiary—has collaborated with Chinese multinational investment company, Tencent, to build a novel architecture for future autonomous vehicles.

Last week, both the companies have signed a contract under which they will communally develop the architecture to prop up self-driving technologies and products. The company has stated that the architecture needs to fit appropriately with the complicated local traffic conditions and meet the demands of local customers.

In the release, it is also mentioned that the Data-Driven Development platform (also known as D3) would be used by the companies. They will use it as the foundation for developing Level 3 and Level 4 self-driving vehicles.

BMW expects to begin commercial production of Level 3 self-driving vehicles in 2021. Post-2021, the company will manage both Level 3 vehicles’ post-production development and research on Level 4 technology.

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