Chandrayaan-2 Flies High In The Sky Successfully Placing Satellite Into Orbit

Chandrayaan-2 Flies High In The Sky Successfully Placing Satellite Into Orbit

It was a big moment for ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) as well as for India altogether as its Chandrayaan-2 mission was launched successfully. The liftoff took place from the Satish Dhawan Space Center at 2.43 p.m. on July 22. This was the second attempt carried out by the organization after a postponement owing to a technical glitch. But what’s more to this launch attempt is that the satellite will be placed at an orbit 6000 km more than it was supposed to initially.

With brilliant orange plumes rising in the cloudy skies and the engines coming to life with a traditional roar, the GSLV-MkIII-M1 was seen fading behind the clouds. The Chandrayaan-2 mission, following its launch from the second launch pad, was detached into its orbit after around 16 Min and 33 Sec attaining a 6,000 km surplus altitude. And the foremost signal was received by the Mission Control from the satellite set in orbit, giving all the taste of happiness.

According to K. Sivan, the ISRO Chairman, the performance of GSLV was 15% better compared to the earlier liftoff. Weighing 3.8 tons and ferrying 13 payloads, the Chandrayaan-2 comprises 3 modules—lander, rover, and lunar orbiter, all built by ISRO. Before setting itself in an annular orbit 100 km (62mi) above the surface of the moon, it will need 2 months of voyaging.

On a similar note, the Richard Branson-supported small satellite launch firm, Virgin Orbit, has inked an initial concord to build small satellite launch abilities for the RAF (Royal Air Force) of the UK. Through this agreement—a section of the Artemis project of RAF—a demo mission will be conducted by Virgin Orbit attempting to liftoff hardware supplied by Surrey Satellites, a UK-based firm. This is in accordance with avowed hope of Virgin Orbit to get spacecraft launch abilities to the UK.

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